Our Projects

Born To Win

Year: 2000Feature Film, Fiction | 120 Minutes

An adaptation of the Bishop David Oyedepo's bestseller of the same title.


Year: 2006 - 2008CYBERIA is a gripping narrative of fierce human conflict and primitive passion. A 49yr old computer whiz-kid returns from the US, a business failure, drunkard and gambler to run a company set up for him by means of a loan procured by his older childless wife. Bayo, pressed on all sides by conflicting interest and a barrage of determined enemies from his past, yet Bayo must fight through if he must achieve his cherished objectives and dreams – to invent ultimate computer.

Cyberia communicates glamour, flaring passions, selfless love, betrayal, greed and dreams smashed beyond redemption.

Hope Avenue

Year: 2009HOPE AVENUE is the chronicle of events in a state owned medical centre that specializes in dealing with women and children. In this heart touching series, various medical challenges that women go through are exposed. Some careless decisions could lead to near and fatal situations.

Hope Avenue in a comic predisposition communicates the beauty of birth, the love and care of the dedicated medical staff, the joy and pain of parenthood – you cannot but laugh, cry and keep on watching.

Circle Of Doom

Year: 1993Feature Film, Fiction | 90 Minutes

A vicious of crime claims all.

Living In Bondage

Year: 1992Feature Film, Fiction | 105 Minutes
The pioneer African Home-Video Film.

The tragedy of get-rich-quick syndrome through rituals and occultic means.

Nneka The Pretty Serpent

Year: 1994/95

Rough Edges

Year: 2002 - 2005The Osagies’ are members of a humble family knit together by love and care to the envy of their immediate neighbors. Somehow, things begin to change for the entire family when Chris Uduehi Osagie discovers a huge fraud in the bank and decides to probe even further…. The police at the same time discover a dead schoolboy in the car booth of Mrs. Rose Bimbo Osagie to the consternation of everyone. Therefore the Osagies must fight unseen enemies not only to prove their innocence, but also to retain their positions in their respective offices.

The Brotherhood of Darkness

Year: 1996Feature film, Fiction | 120 minutes

An expose of spiritual fruad in the church system.

When Flowers turn Black

Year: 1997Feature Film, Fiction | 105 Minutes

An exploration into the pains of leukemia against a backdrop of police brutality.

The Return of Nneka

Year: 1999